Available to Promise

Introduction What is the common infrastructure hurdle shared by high-frequency trading, ad bidding, and eCommerce? Accurate and real-time inventory. All these domains have a finite commodity to trade, and it’s constantly changing hands — every nanosecond, millisecond, or second.  If an overly accurate view of inventory is provided, the risk is lost business, and likewise, […]

Bot Prevention

Customer data is imported into bi(OS) through various mechanisms, some requiring us to expose a public HTTP endpoint. These endpoints are protected against bots. We also record these attack vectors within bi(OS). We built this multi-cloud bot detection capability in 4 weeks using this data. Further, this dynamic list of bots is also made available to all our customers.

Anomaly Detection

Distributed systems are hard. Infrastructure SLAs, sluggish database queries, and microservices latencies must be stitched together to form an accurate view for any eCommerce business. Add agile CI/CD with a Kubernetes-esque control plane, and the fragmented observability toolchain becomes a tax. How does one answer a simple question: are the customer experience (CX) and business KPIs healthy?  Well, that’s what […]

In-session Personalization

I am Saurabh, a Tech Lead at Pharmeasy. My team develops and maintains the ML infrastructure for serving customer recommendations. Last year, we deployed our first real-time recommendation engine for non-Rx product category recommendations on our home page.  This blog will explain how Isima’s bi(OS) helped with this initiative and the solution architecture for recommendations.

Performance Marketing Optimization

Introduction The PHH Group was formed by merging Lithuanian Pigu. lt and Finnish retail giant Hobby Hall. The group operates online shops and marketplaces in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Over 4,000 merchants sell on the group’s marketplaces like Pigu.lt, 220.lv and Kaup24.ee. The PHH group owns five eCommerce properties across four EU countries that […]

Intel inside™. bi(OS) outside.

In the early 90s, Intel ran a campaign about spotting the very best PCs. This decade established Intel as the undisputed leader in microprocessors. 30 years later, engineers at Intel and Isima decided to attempt the same for data and analytics.

State of Multi-cloud Storage and Compute

Too Long, Must-read The [Live] Multi-cloud-native architecture can deliver a 10X better TCO than the other variants.  Some other unique insights we found –  Azure’s NVMe drives beat AWS and GCP by a significant amount w.r.to latencies. AWS delivered the most respectable IO latencies when using the best network-attached storage. bi(OS) flips compute utilization for […]

The last (and only) mile of resiliency you need. 10X cheaper.

Introduction What happens if the machine, an AZ, or a region serving your customers fails? Nothing – if you rely on cloud-native deployments, stateless microservices, and multi-master databases. That’s the promise anyway.  How many IT teams have the luxury of relying on multi-AZ deployments within a cloud? And what about geo-redundancy within a single Cloud? […]

Scaling the multi-cloud Moon

Introduction While the category leaders were busy drowning the market with deafening marketecture(s), our engineers landed on the multi-cloud ‘moon’ of Data and Analytics.  TL, DR – Ingest on AWS, Analyze on GCP and Visualize on Azure – in real-time, without migrating an electron.  Can your favorite multi-cloud modern data stack do that?  That’s the […]