Scaling the multi-cloud Moon



While the category leaders were busy drowning the market with deafening marketecture(s), our engineers landed on the multi-cloud ‘moon’ of Data and Analytics. 

TL, DR – Ingest on AWS, Analyze on GCP and Visualize on Azure – in real-time, without migrating an electron.  Can your favorite multi-cloud modern data stack do that?  That’s the sovereign, live, multi-cloud data fabric that bi(OS) delivers.  Intrigued? Read on.

Why do this? Because it’s hard (and necessary)



Isima spoke with countless customers who made it clear – multi-cloud was real.  While this may not come as a surprise to the reader, digging deeper was a revelation.  As Cloud competition (and confusion) heated up, we saw multi-year, multi-million $$ cloud migration projects – most of them with a low probability of success.  We asked, why can’t an API developer code using AWS lambda, a data scientist model using GCP TensorFlow, and an analyst explore using Power BI at the same milli-second in an enterprise-grade manner?  And our engineers got to work and delivered upon the sovereign multi-cloud promise – on all three clouds simultaneously.

The deployment

Isima’s founding team delivered geo-redundancy for global Telcos a decade before it was in vogue.  Hence from day 1, bi(OS) was designed to scale out across AZs and regions of the Big 3 clouds.  bi(OS) was also validated on all three clouds individually, and on hybrid deployments.  While achieving converged capabilities on any particular cloud is pioneering, the cohesiveness of IaaS helped.

We decided to securely extend bi(OS) across all three clouds without sacrificing its converged, scale-out capabilities. This allows – 

  • API developers to develop using the AWS ecosystem
  • Data scientists to use their favorite tooling on GCP
  • Analysts to explore data on  Azure

All of this at the same milli-second, without an iota of migration effort or data integration labor. The cloud providers do charge network ingress/egress costs on data replicated across the three clouds.  However, that cost pales when compared to the sovereignty, resiliency, and TCO benefits provided by bi(OS).


Multi-cloud sovereignty’s most challenging hurdle is data; without surmounting it, there is no app sovereignty. Isima’s bi(OS) delivers precisely that to IT practitioners while remaining enterprise grade. And it’s a 100x better, cheaper, faster Modern Data Stack. We will be demoing this functionality at the premier multi-cloud conference in a few weeks. Do join us to experience it for yourself and be amazed.  

If you can’t wait, sign-up and go live in days!