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Introduction What is the common infrastructure hurdle shared by high-frequency trading, ad bidding, and eCommerce? Accurate and real-time inventory. All these domains have a finite commodity to trade, and it’s constantly changing hands — every nanosecond, millisecond, or second.  If an overly accurate view of inventory is provided, the risk is lost business, and likewise, […]

Too Long, Must-read The [Live] Multi-cloud-native architecture can deliver a 10X better TCO than the other variants.  Some other unique insights we found –  Azure’s NVMe drives beat AWS and GCP by a significant amount latencies. AWS delivered the most respectable IO latencies when using the best network-attached storage. bi(OS) flips compute utilization for […]

Introduction What happens if the machine, an AZ, or a region serving your customers fails? Nothing – if you rely on cloud-native deployments, stateless microservices, and multi-master databases. That’s the promise anyway.  How many IT teams have the luxury of relying on multi-AZ deployments within a cloud? And what about geo-redundancy within a single Cloud? […]

Introduction While the category leaders were busy drowning the market with deafening marketecture(s), our engineers landed on the multi-cloud ‘moon’ of Data and Analytics.  TL, DR – Ingest on AWS, Analyze on GCP and Visualize on Azure – in real-time, without migrating an electron.  Can your favorite multi-cloud modern data stack do that?  That’s the […]

Introduction Last week we wrote about how bi(OS) was hit with the load equivalent to two black Fridays on Thursday by tier-1 global retailers during Black Friday. While we are proud of our achievement, we don’t take our customers’ reliability for granted. Although, we do take a significantly different approach. Read on to learn why […]

Introduction Since bi(OS) serves unicorns and tier-1 retailers across three continents, we have a unique vantage point in experiencing Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), especially as it stresses Cloud Data Platforms.  This Black Friday saw bi(OS) handle 3x more peak load across all tenants, with a near-constant SLA.  A day before, a single data stream […]

Introduction Since the birth of SQL in the mid 70’s, there has been a wall of separation between OLTP and OLAP use cases. One of the defining characteristics of this separation is the stringent need for speed and QoS (quality of service) by OLTP applications. Even today, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes pay lip service […]