The easy, lean, fast way to build Data Apps.

bi(OS) + Your Imagination = Differentiation in hours.  

No assembly required. Go Build!

bi(OS) - The platform for app building

The Real-time Data Cloud

bi(OS) offers a self-service, low code environment to build real-time data apps.

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bi(OS) empowers you to convert ‘window shoppers into buyers. It is the only data platform that allows zero sampling on the “right-now” data for per-session analytics. Isima’s customers report best-in-class 6.1% CTR and 20%+ order conversion.

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Delivery Optimization

Break out of the first-in-first-out (FIFO) paradigm for last-mile fulfillment to reduce cancellations and increase customer satisfaction. Isima’s customers report a 15%+ reduction in delivery breaches that save 1% of GMV from cancellation.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Are the customer experience (CX) and business KPIs healthy? That’s what bi(OS) empowers B2C teams to answer, with unified observability across storage, queries, and pixels.  It’s so simple even an aspiring analyst can deliver impact within a week.

Bot detection

Bot Prevention

bi(OS) enables multi-cloud Threat intelligence to detect and thwart sophisticated bot attacks.  Isima uses this dynamic Muti-cloud capability for its own operations across the Big 3 Cloud providers. Further, the dynamic list of bots bi(OS) curates is also available to customers. 

TCO Optimization

First-party Analytics

Third-party pixels hurt consumer experience, conversion, and privacy. Learn how bi(OS) can be used to implement first-party analytics that improves CX and respects consumer privacy.  All within weeks.

Build Your Own Use Case.

bi(OS) has been validated for the hardest use cases across Telco, Finance, Healthcare industries.  

Bring your hardest real-time use-case, a single data analyst and we will make the use-case live in 4 weeks or less.

Any use-case.  Any Scale. Any Cloud.

Plugs into your ecosystem

bi(OS) is designed to be easy for every data practitioner. Whether you’re an analyst researching, a data scientist modeling, or a software engineer developing, bi(OS) delivers IT-governed autonomy with the freshest data. 

No forklift required.

ML Engineers

SQL-friendly Polyglot.  

Deliver ML micro-services that delight your consumers within days.

p99.99 < 25ms + 5K ops/sec ETL.

Data Engineers

Onboard and Done.

Delight data consumers by delivering the highest quality data within hours.  

Zero custom ETL .

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Analysts / Scientists

Self-serve Data Engineering.

Deliver differentiated data apps within weeks that leapfrogs your competitors.

Builders win.  SaaS lose.