The Platform for App Building

As an eCommerce analytics platform, the use cases are only limited by your imagination. And because each business is unique, bi(OS) gives you the tools to create the specific apps needs to boost uplift with you customers.

bi(OS) - The platform for app building

eCommerce Use Cases

bi(OS) offers a self-service, low code environment to build real-time data applications. Its catalog displays stream and column metrics in a mobile browser/app.

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Real Real-time Personalization

Don’t pretend to give a personalized experience based on stale data.

User Segmentation

User Segmentation

Real-time data can help you segment your users into distinct groups based on their behaviors, preferences, and demographics.

Real Time Personalization

Real-time Personalization

By integrating real-time analytics into your website, you can track user behavior as they navigate your site and deliver recommendations based on activity.

A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization

A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization

Analytics can provide valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, helping you optimize your website’s design, layout, and user flow.

Anomaly Detection

The Fastest Anomaly Detection

Leverage statistical analysis, pattern matching, and ML algorithms as it happens

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Analyze data such as transaction amounts, frequencies, geolocation, user behavior, and historical patterns in real-time.

System Performance

System Performance

Identify potential system failures, performance bottlenecks, or unusual activities that may impact the overall system performance early and corrective actions to prevent system downtime. 

Customer Behaviour

Customer Behavior

Flag anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activities, account takeovers, or other abnormal customer activities.

Delivery Optimization

Delivery Optimization for extraordinary

Optimize your delivery experience to enhance customer satisfaction, build trust, and drive repeat purchases

Real Time Stock Tracking

Real-time Stock Tracking

Low-latency communication between inventory and order management can help mitigate stockouts or overselling.

Bot Detection

Bot Detection, Bot Rejection

Safeguard operations, protect users, and enhance the overall security and trustworthiness

Preserve Inventory and Scalability

Preserve Inventory and Scalability

Use bi(OS) to protect inventory levels and maintain accurate pricing by targeting bot behaviors.

Platform Integrity

Platform Integrity

Maintain a level playing field, provide a genuine customer experience, and foster trust among your user base.

Site Performance

Site performance

Enhance the overall user experience by allocating server resources more efficiently.

Tco Optimizations

Find and Delivery TCO Optimizations

From observability to performance, bi(OS) is your ops secret weapon

Digital Marketing and Ads

Digital Marketing and Ads

Constantly evolving algorithms and platforms require ongoing optimization and monitoring to achieve cost-effective customer acquisition.



Use bi(OS) to optimize logistics with supply chain visibility to reduce fulfillment costs while ensuring timely delivery.

Ever Expanding Infra

Ever Expanding Infra

Understand what you’ve got, how it’s performing, and where the bottlenecks are with bi(OS).

Build Your Own Use Cases

What applications have you been struggling with? Limited by slow or stale data? bi(OS) is the platform for builders. With eCommerce or across your entire organization, bi(OS) onboards and processes data faster, so you can operate at scale.

Plugs into your ecosystem

bi(OS) is a common-use platform for every stage of app creation. Whether your an analyst modeling, or a software engineer developing, bi(OS) delivers a DIY platform with exceptionally low latency – so your data is fresh.

Software/ML Engineers

Guaranteed freshest data (e.g.,  real real-time) for  recommendations, fraud detection, and more.

Data Engineers

Eliminate problematic bottlenecks, focus on core business instead of constantly fixing plumbing

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Analysts / Scientists

Instead of waiting weeks or months, achieve API, AI, and BI use cases in days, with the best price performance on the cloud.