Realizing Paradoxes

Our team includes pioneers in scale-out relational databases, high-performance storage, and Applied AI. For decades, we have delivered outcomes for Telco, Retail, Finance, and HPC industries. We canvassed the solution space from pixel-to-alert to build bi(OS)®. If you are ready to experience Silicon Valley outcomes without the tax, start your  journey today.

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Anyone can build


Making the hard Easy

Distributed systems are hard.  We choose to make them easy.  Use bi(OS) to experience how a single Data Analyst can impact topline in days – using Clicks, Python, and SQL.

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Making the bloated Lean

The Modern Data Stack is bloated. We choose to deliver lean.  Eliminate data bottlenecks and turbocharge your analytics apps, teams, and outcomes with bi(OS).  No forklift necessary.

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Making the slow Fast

Data Infrastructure is expected to be slow.  We choose to deliver a real real-time experience.  Experience how bi(OS) delivers consistent p99 latencies alongside heavy ETL. ML micro-services and data pipelines, let’s both be friends.


Built Different. So you can Build | Be Different.

We are a team that values

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Agile Excellence

We improvise in the pursuit of excellence. Enough said, its addictive.

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Tenacious Impatience

We don’t give up when faced with overwhelming odds to grow ourselves and our market.

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Reasonable Annoyance

We push ourselves and each other to be the best at all our endeavors.

These 3 pillars are what makes us imagineers. We imagine. We engineer.

Join the revolution

We’re looking for underdogs, mavericks, dark horses, anyone who believes nothing is sacred. We need people excited by the idea of rethinking and rebuilding systems from scratch. Above all, we need passion.