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You will
  • See results in days for your most impactful use case
  • Get enterprise readiness and agility from day 1
  • Define the intent and bi(OS)™ will deliver
You won't
  • Share your data to make us smarter
  • Be trialed upon with a free/cheap product
  • Be held back by sunk-cost mindset of integrations

01Data In. Cognition Out. Repeat™.

Based upon our patent-pending innovations, bi(OS)™ enables enterprises to deliver data-driven impact in days, iterate continuously to build a moat against competitors and deliver business scale with agility. Indeed, it’s as simple as – Data In. Cognition Out. Repeat™

02Run Fast and Don’t Break Things.

You don’t have to choose between agility and architectural hygiene. We paid meticulous attention to all aspects of data management – compliance, governance, management, movement, processing – and re-engineered bi(OS)™ to deliver upon an enterprise-ready offering from day one.

03Become an Data Tinkerer.

For the first time in decades, enterprises can develop and deliver data-driven impact at the same velocity as that of the technology pioneers. By starting with a cognition-first mindset for apps, bi(OS)™ empowers your team to delight your consumers and business users. The only ingredients required are heaps of imagination and a desire to have an impact.

You can

Imagine what you can do
and you need to leverage your chief asset: data. Whether you’re in finance, pharma, retail, energy or manufacturing, whoever’s prepared, will have a huge advantage over the competition.
for anyone to deliver data-driven impact in days and tinker continuously to build a business moat. In doing so, Isima aims to change the industrial landscape.