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01 - The Architecture Edge

- has been precision-crafted to deliver data-driven impact in days.

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The Integrator’s toys
The trifecta of Open Source, Cloud, and SaaS has failed to deliver the promised data-driven impact. All of the enterprises' investments have been in data movement and integration, which isn't sustainable. There is a dire need for a new approach to data – built with enterprise empathy in mind.
The Engineer’s answer
is built by reimagining first principles in enterprise data management - from ingest to insight. It serves API, AI, and BI builders in a unified manner, to achieve data-driven impact in days. Engineers build enduring moat as a symphony emerges between IT teams, tools, and processes.

converges all aspects of Data Management, DataOps, and ModelOps into a unified platform. From ingest to insight and beyond.
Declare the intent and delivers. The way a cloud-native data platform should be.
Support for {multi, hybrid, inter} and beyond. No (data) transport necessary.
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03 Startup agility with Enterprise Readiness

, has delighted enterprise data teams within Fortune 1000 companies for a diversity of use cases.

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