The most efficient serverless data platform.

Self-service delight for API, AI, BI, ETL builders using Clicks, Python or SQL.

bi(OS) - Real-time multi model data hub

Easy: SQL-friendly Polyglot.

The right amount of JSON, Time-series, K/V, In-memory, Aggregations, and Indexing capabilities. Python, Java, and JavaScript SDKs included.


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Lean: Onboard and Done.

An end-to-end real-time modern data stack. Built-in processing enables on-the-fly transforms by data apps. Less custom ETL, more building apps.

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Fast: Industry-best p99.99 SLAs. 

Experience consistent SLAs for the “right now” data or the one ingested months ago.  Alongside adhoc querying or 5K+ ops/sec of ETL.

Friction-free building for Real-time Data Apps.

bi(OS) offers a self-service, low-code environment to build real-time data+AI apps.

1 hour to BI. 1 day to AI.  1 week to API.

bi(OS) - Friction-free building
12 Functions. 1 bi(OS). The Auto-bahn for [Data] App Builders.

12 Functions. 1 bi(OS).

The Auto-bahn for [Data] App Builders.

The bi(OS) Difference

Isima accelerates real-time data+AI apps with easy development, a lean architecture, and fast responsiveness.



Data [Engineering] Made Simple.

  • Onboard and discover SaaS or internal data sources in minutes.
  • Use dynamic JSON-based DDL to build real-time Data Apps in hours.
  • Use pre-programmed primitives to go live in days.

Self-serve low-code data management.

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Unlimited Compute. Zero Bloat.

  • Free querying for everything except raw data.
  • Free JSON flatenning, pre-processing (UDFs), enrichments (joins), indexing, and feature engineering.
  • Free observability, backfilling, and alerting.

Hyperconverged Data middleware.

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p99.99 < 25 ms, including ETL.

  • p99.99 < 25ms for selects by micro-services
  • 5K+ ops/sec of ETL – inserts, selects, and upserts
  • Do adhoc analysis on the “right-now” data. No sampling necessary.
Isima stack is fast

p99.99 < 25ms. and  5K ops/sec of ETL

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