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What would apple do?

Would you use a USB stick, a media player, and a laptop to listen to music as opposed to an iPod? Enterprise developers have used the complicated approach with 90% of the AI effort invested in data and feature engineering.  This path is untenable due to the impending data tsunami and fragmentation of deployments across cloud, server and edge to achieve cognition.  The only winners in this game will be cloud/open-source providers, SaaS players, and elite consultants.  We envision a different outcome for enterprises with a critical question – What would Apple do?


iOS for ml

The NSA, Hedge Funds, and Internet Behemoths realized the efficacy of Applied ML towards achieving cognition early on.  Having lived that journey, we had a unique insight.  Instead of focusing on the 3 V’s of data, we decided to focus on the 3 V’s of cognition.  The result, our offering, just like a biological central nervous system, allows real-time knowledge assimilation, application, and continuous calibration.  This can be done with weeks of tuning and configuration, replacing many person-years worth of data conduiting.  In short, our solution, an iOS for ML, revolutionizes data apps like iOS did for mobile apps.


Cognition in weeks

Partnering with us frees developers to focus on building an enterprise brain by translating domain knowledge into cognitive business apps. Together, we can unlock the business value of ML by delivering cognitive applications across deployments. Whether you are in pharma, finance, cyber-security or retail, if you want cognition in weeks; give us a try!


90% of AI/ML is Data Engineering.

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The next industrial revolution will be powered by AI/ML. Our goal is enable that information revolution driven by ideas - Enterprises should be able to take any algorithm; whether it is tribal knowledge or machine learning; and test it in real time to see if the algorithm holds merit. ISIMA allows you to do this in weeks using developers with 5-7 years of experience. No more waiting for months to build your big data infrastructure followed by months of experimentation in a warehouse. With ISIMA you can A/B test with small subsets of real time data. 



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