Realizing Paradoxes[1]

When anyone asks me what does Isima do, I reply, “we realize paradoxes.” This epiphany has roots back to three incidents in our journey of launching Isima. Let me explain. Paradox: noun – a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. That’s a paradox! The first one […]

The long and windy road from ingest to insight

In an ever-changing well-connected world, enterprises large and small strive to react faster and faster to market conditions. Many wish they could better leverage the data they already have but have been struggling with how best to achieve this. The traditional approach had been with any combination of ETL, queues, databases, data warehouses, and BI. […]

Is complexity inevitable?

Is accidental complexity the norm for Software? Isima was born because Darshan and I saw so much complexity in Data Solutions where the answers were simple. Some of the complexity came from integrating many different good products instead of thinking end to end. We saw layer after layer of point solutions that solved one problem […]